General Questions

How far in advance should I book my session?

In general, sessions should be booked several months in advance.

Do you do natural shots, or posed shots?

I do a combination of posed and natural shots, so clients get the best of both worlds, and have several options to choose from.

What is your photographic style?

I take contemporary photos with a clean, fresh look. I like capturing the soft side of my subjects.

What’s different about your photography?

I don’t offer cookie cutter, “stuffy” studio prints. I tailor my photos to my individual clients. I spend time at each session thinking about who my clients are and what they want, so that I can choose poses and settings that suit them perfectly. This way, their unique qualities shine through in the photographs.

Should I choose studio or outdoor photos?

It depends on your preference. I love outdoor sessions. They offer softer, more natural photos, and they can be easily suited to your specific tastes. My studio is set in a beautiful lush landscape that we can utilize for part or all of your session.  The choice is totally yours!

Do you do portrait sessions other than maternity, newborns and babies?

I do child and family portraits as well.


At what point during my pregnancy should I have photos done?

Maternity photos are best taken when you’re between 32 and 36 weeks along in your pregnancy. That way you’re far enough along to have something to show, and you have that great “pregnancy glow.”

How far in advance should I schedule?

I recommend that you schedule your session as soon as possible. Pregnancy is a time-sensitive thing, and to guarantee appointment availability, sooner is always better.

What should I wear?

For starters, make sure you wear something comfy. I always want all my clients to be as relaxed and comfortable as possible – especially mothers-to-be! Wear something flattering that you like, but keep it simple. A pretty sundress is a great choice, but if that’s not your style, a simple shirt and jeans works great too.

What should I bring?

If you have a special toy, stuffed animal, or sentimental item you’d like to use in the session, by all means, bring it. Otherwise, just bring yourself!

Where will the photos be taken?

I can do the session outdoors or inside my professional studio.


When should I book my session?

For newborns, I suggest booking your session 2 to 3 months in advance, while you are still pregnant. Newborns are best photographed between 5 days and 2 weeks old. At this age, they are still sleepy, and they curl up more easily, which makes it easier to get those perfect “cuddle shots.”  If you are past this time frame, don’t worry! We will not turn you away.  Although getting those perfect shots may be more difficult we will still get some beautiful images of your baby!  Booking newborns can be tricky, since we can’t always be sure when they’ll arrive. Rest assured that you’ll be given priority once your little one does make an appearance, and I’ll be ready for you!
For older babies, any age is fine – just make sure you book your session a couple of months in advance of when you’d like to do have the photos taken.

What should I bring?

Diapers, bottles, and lots of wipes! If your baby is older, you may want to bring a few snacks and a favorite toy to make them feel comfortable.

How should I dress my newborn?

Newborns look best “au naturel,” and we offer an enormous selection of props and outfits for you to choose from. Don’t worry about your little one getting cold; the studio temperature is kept at 85 degrees during sessions to keep babies warm, cozy and happy. If you want to bring a cute hat, blanket, or accessory, please do so.

How should parents dress for a newborn session?

Mom and dad should dress simply. For Dad, a plain white or black T-shirt is a good choice. For Mom, a simple tank or tube top is ideal.

How long will my session last?

Newborn sessions can last anywhere from two to three hours. Please allow for the full three hours. For babies, allow for 45 minutes to 1hr.

Where do you shoot the photos?

Newborn photos are shot in my studio, or outdoors during the warm summer months. Older infant sessions can be done outdoors or inside my professional studio. I have tons of props, so there are lots of great ideas we can come up with!


How much is your Creative Fee?

My creative fee is $250 and goes towards compensating me for my time, artistic investment, and photo editing.  This fee does not go towards any portraits, digital images or artwork.

How do I see my portrait options and place my order?

After your photos are edited we will schedule a second appointment.  During this appointment you will view a slide show that I custom make just for you, explore the gorgeous archival quality art mediums, and choose the perfect size piece of art for your space.

How much do you charge for portraits?

We offer several different packages at a range of different prices, including a la carte items.  We have something to fit every budget and offer payment plans.  To find out more about our pricing, please refer to the investment page on this site.

Why does custom photography cost more?

Custom photography is the best photography option for quality, artistry and expertise. Professional photographers are skilled artists who work hard to craft images that perfectly represent their clients. They also use the best equipment and the highest quality materials. This does cost a bit more, but investing in your family’s memories is worth it.

How do I pay for my package?

I accept major credit cards, checks, and cash.  You can pay most easily by clicking on the button embedded in the invoice that will be emailed to you.

Do you offer payment plans?

Payment plans are available at this time. Please contact me to find out more about payment plan arrangements.